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DMR Dual Band Portable Radio
DM-R89 Plus

The DM-R79 is our new professional DMR radio, it can supports VHF and UHF dual bands or single band as your request, which can provide more efficient and more reliable communication with loud and clear audio, powerful battery, rugged and reliable, it can use across multiple environments and industries.

Frequency Range:  136- 174MHz +350-400Mhz
                               136- 174MHz + 400-470MHz
                               136-174MHz + 450-520MHz
Output Power: 5W/4W
Channels Capacity: 3000 semi-duplex channels / 250 Channel Zones, each zone can add max. 64 channels.
Vocoder Type:  AMBE++/AMBE+2TM
Screen:  1.77 inch color LCD

DMO 2 Slot / DMRA Direct Mode

The free slot can be allocated to enhance frequency efficiency and timely response under emergency.


Digital & Analogue Mode Compatible

Support both Digital and Analogue modes to ensure a smooth transition from analogue to digital with dual mode functionality.


1.77 inch Color Screen

It carry with a large screen and intuitive UI to make the operation more easier and efficient.


Background Noise Cancellation

The advanced Background Noise Cancellation technologies, ensure the same clear voice within the communication coverage.


Louder and Clearer Audio

It carry with an optimized powerful loudspeaker that can help users to hear clear sounds even in a noisy environment. With the advanced background noise cancellation technologies, no matter what noise environment the calling party is in, it will ensure the called party hears a clear sound.


Longer Battery Life

With optimized product design and technologies to reduce the power consumption, to offer you much longer battery life, ensure the critical voice communication.


Rugged and Reliable

With IP54 rated, the radio can use across multiple environments and industries.


Different Call Types

Supports individual call, group call, emergency call or broadcast call on all digital channels.


General Features

● Digital Mode / Analog Mode

● Announce the Channel Number


● Battery Save

● High/Low power adjustable

● Power on Password

● Date and real-time clock display

● Channels Scan / Priority channel scan

● Talk Around

● Programmable functions for side key


Digital Mode

● Single call /Group call/ All call

● Encryption

● Emergency Alarm

● Remote Monitor

● Radio Detection

● Address book / Calling records / SMS message

● Remote Kill / Remote Revive

● Work Alone function

● One Touch feature for voice messages and data

● DMO 2-Slot / DMRA Direct Mode


Analog Mode


● Remote Kill (via. DTMF signaling)

● 1750 Hz

● Wide/Narrow bandwidth selective

● Modulation Type: FM


● Busy Channel Lock-out

● Tail Tone Eliminate

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