The quality control

 Lisheng(Fujian) Commnunications Co.,Ltd. has adhered to the service principle of “Market Oriented, Customer First” to provide products with superior quality to each customer. Lisheng has a complete product quality control system, which runs through R&D, procurement, material inspection, production, semi-finished/finished product inspection, continuous improvement, etc., and truly realizes the quality management of the whole process.

      According to the international quality management system ISO 9001:2015, the company has developed the following comprehensive quality management system:

1.  R&D quality control

The new products are strictly in accordance with national and industrial standards, from new project to production, and all stages of development are carried out in strict testing and experimentation, and are improved in continuous testing to ensure the stability and high quality of mass production in the future.

2. IQC

Established a strict procurement management mechanism and IQC inspection and inspection standards, strictly control and managed suppliers, strictly controlled the quality of all external and imported materials processed, and ensured that materials that could not meet the company's relevant technical standards were not flow into warehouse and production line to ensure production pass-through rate qualification rate, all from the source to eliminate quality hazards.

3. First small QTY production to control quality

Lisheng strictly stipulate the first production process and do destructive testing and testing should be carried out before the order is into mass-produced, so as to identify the factors that may affect the quality of the product during the production process as early as possible, prevent the occurrence of batch non-conforming products, and ensure the quality of mass production.


Lisheng has strict quality control over the process from the production of materials to the final packaging of products. Each process of production has standardized work instructions, and production is strictly in accordance with the production plan, ensuring the planning, procedural, control ability and trace ability of abnormal quality of the process; we use professional measuring instruments to carry out strict Process control and process control to ensure that all products undergo relevant sampling, reliability testing and shipment inspection before leaving the factory; we implement strict training mechanisms for operators and inspectors, ie pre-employment training, pre-job training, on-the-job Regular training and special job skills training, strengthen the self-inspection and mutual inspection awareness of different processes of employees, establish and implement a comprehensive quality assessment system to ensure the quality of all products flowing to the next process. 

5. FQC

Finished product inspection and control, strictly in accordance with AQL sampling standards and customer requirements for dynamic management and control of product quality, while conducting harsh environmental test, such as aging test, high and low temperature test, 1.5 m drop test, vibration test, waterproof test, A variety of test items such as button/knob life test to ensure that the product is stable and reliable in various working environments.

6. OQC

Throughout the overall quality management system, shipment inspection (OQC) is a key component of total quality management practices and an important means of quality assurance. The inspection items include: finished product packaging inspection, finished product identification inspection, finished product appearance inspection, finished product functional performance inspection, etc. Our goal is to ensure that unqualified finished products are not stored in the warehouse or shipped out of the factory to ensure the interests of users and the credibility of the company itself.

7. Continuous improvement of quality control (customer feedback tracking mechanism)

Lisheng actively collects customer feedback and suggestions to continuously improve our product quality and service. At the same time, we will adopt the rationalization suggestions of internal personnel to improve the problems existing in all aspects of R&D and production, to make better products.


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