Research and development center

R&D Department

Lisheng is always committed to creating value for customers through innovation. 

We invest more than 10% of our sales income into R&D and currently we have built a whole set of customer-oriented, core and basic technologies. 

Now, we have over 30 R&D engineers specializing in system development, RF technology, radio hardware, Software development, PCB design, 3D structure design and Products surface design. We are focus on self-dependent innovation, pay close attention to the core index. With the strong R&D team and years' experience in developing, 

we are capable of offering high quality, high reliability, high value-added products to every market.

3D Structural Engineers
We are capable of designing new products appearance for different currents, which are strong, durable, fashionable, and endowed with ergonomic design. Furthermore, we develop with the times and take different advice from the customers in different areas, keep sustaining innovations.
Hardware Engineers
We have a powerful and perfect hardware engineers team, with years of researching and developing experience on portable two way radio, mobile radio, citizens' band radio, SSB, etc. They are familiar with the electronic components performance and always pay attention to the international advanced technology of the wireless radio communication to keep LISHENG RADIO always in advantage situation. 
Our philosophy is: There is no best, only better, to meet all reasonable requirements of our customers.
PCB Engineers
We are capable of designing new PCB board which are completely compatible with the hardware and structure design. The perfect PCB Boards are one important quality guarantee of Lisheng products. No matter how superior of the electronic components and technology, they all need to be matched with efficient PCB technology. Our PCB engineers have years of experiences on 2 layer,4 layer, and also 8 layer of PCB design.
Software Engineers
CPU is the heart of radio communications products. Only make the heart well to ensure a perfect combination of product functions and performance. As a excellent team of software engineers in Lisheng, we are independent  to research and develop new CPU and compatible software, which are according to the new complex features, product trends and customers’ requirements. We strictly combine with the hardware technology, to develop a powerful CPU with the high efficiency and easy to operation software.

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